Mauka or Makai? || Tips on Choosing Your Hawaii Destination Wedding Location

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       At Coral Weddings, we absolutely love the excitement that comes with each special day that we have the privilege of capturing. From the delicate details in the perfect dress, to the gorgeous floral arrangements for the center pieces at your reception, we make sure to highlight each aspect of your day that makes it special and unique.

       Hawaii is universally known for its endless white beaches, green lush palm trees, and that iconic colored sunset over the ocean's horizon. However, did you know that the Hawaiian islands are enriched with a large diversity in landscape

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         Here on the islands, we use two common Hawaiian words called "Mauka" (mow-kah) and "Makai"(mah-kigh). Mauka translates to the term "mountain-side" and Makai means "ocean-side". So, when planning your destination wedding to one of the most beautiful locations in the world, you have the wonderful option of choosing a rustic "Mauka" wedding in the green rolling hills of the islands, or a timeless and casual "Makai" beach wedding!

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      One of the advantages toward having a Mauka wedding would be a cooler climate that comes with the higher elevation in the mountains. If you’re planning on having your grooms party wear long sleeved dress shirts or a dapper suit, they won’t be struggling in the humid heat that is commonly found along the Hawaiian coastline!

Hawaii Beach Wedding Photography Coral Weddings

      If you’re leaning more towards having that classic and traditional Hawaiian wedding, each island hosts an endless list of fantastic beaches for your ceremony. They all offer incredible scenery so you can’t necessarily go wrong in choosing one!

Hawaii Beach Wedding Photography Coral Weddings


        So, whether you're saying "I do" in the hills of a Hawaiian valley, or reciting your tear-jerking vows while getting your toes (and maybe even that dress!) a little wet down on the sand, we have a team of passionate artists here at Coral Weddings to capture your day timelessly.


- Written by Samantha