The Grand Hyatt Kauai

Patrick + Emily || Honeymoon Photography in Kauai

Kauai is home to the honeymoon of your dreams. What better way to begin your lives together than on the romantic island of Kauai? With numerous sights to see, Kauai offers an unforgettable way to start your life as a married couple.

Honeymoon in Kauai Photography


The Boston couple chose "The Garden Island" as their honeymoon destination. Kauai is Hawaii's oldest and most scenic island, resulting in beautiful backdrops for photos. Emily expressed interest toward Coral by Pacific Dream Photography to capture memories of her and her husband for their Hawaiian vacation.

Honeymoon in Kauai Photography


The newlyweds opted for a sunset shoot on the scenic grounds of the Grand Hyatt. Not even a cloudy day could stop them from having a fun filled photo session. Here at Pacific Dream Photography, we are prepared for the variety of weather Hawaii has to bring. Believe or not, Kauai is one of the wettest places on earth! Lucky for us, we are located on the sunniest side of the island, Poipu. It's no wonder why Poipu, Kauai is called "The Sunny South Side." Saturated in sunshine all year round, this part of the island allows us to capture bright and fun images. 

Honeymoon in Kauai Photography


Patrick and Emily adored their candid beach photos, as well as their dreamy garden images. Not only did their passion for each other stand out in every photo, but also the whimsical backdrop of Shipwrecks Beach resulted in radiant photos. The sea and sky melted into sapphire blue, as the "just married couple" focused on the effortless tropics of Kauai. The happy couple's family and friends cherished the meaningful gift of the photos.

Honeymoon in Kauai Photography


Photos capture the significant milestone in a couple’s life and share and experience of Hawaii with loved ones. Honeymoon photos make for a monumental souvenir and a well-remembered trip. If you’re considering spending your honeymoon in Kauai, you’re in for a special treat. Enjoy each and every moment in the exquisite paradise of the island.

Honeymoon in Kauai Photography

- Written by Julia P. (Coral by Pacific Dream Photography at the Grand Hyatt Kauai)

Relive Your Perfect Day Timelessly || A Guide to Preparing for Your Wedding Photography

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Between the guest list, designing invites, and the dress fittings, let's face it, planning for your big day can be a bit overwhelming. With the hundreds of things on your check-list you're looking to get done, there's an underestimated yet essential key to your wedding that you'll be thankful you were well-prepared for. Your professional wedding photography


The artists of Coral by Pacific Dream Photography are here to provide you with a team of professionals to ensure we give you all the preparations needed for a collection of memories you won't soon forget. 


Collect Ideas with an Open Mind

coral weddings hawaii wedding photographer pacific dream photography


If you're like a handful of ecstatic bride-to-bes, you've most likely started your Pinterest board to start browsing for your wedding inspiration. While looking for decor, color palettes, and dresses, pay attention to the photography you come across and notice if something catches your eye. Getting ideas can beneficial, but keep reminding yourself that they might not turn out exactly like you had envisioned. Be open to trusting your photographer! Ultimately, the professional photographer you hire knows what will look best, but chances are they're willing to try an idea for a photo that you might have your heart set on. 



Make a Shot List for Your Photographer

coral weddings hawaii wedding photographer pacific dream photography


Bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, grandma and grandpa, there's typically quite a variety of wedding party and family members that you'd love to capture group photos with. Sit down with your future husband/wife and create a shot list together to establish the photos you know you'll be wanting for the day off. It's okay to mix up combinations while in the moment (chances are you might get some photo bombers here and there from your wedding party), but make sure you have a flexible outline of the priority shots you won't want to miss. Go over the list with your photographer before the big day and rest easy knowing you won't miss a memory!


Take Your Couple Portraits Privately

coral weddings hawaii wedding photography pacifc dream photography


It's the day that you two have been planning for months now and you wouldn't want any stress on your face to show through the photos! If time permits, pull your soulmate aside for a quick walk with just the two of you before you begin your portraits with family and friends. Bring your photographer with you and let them capture you two privately without the pressure of by-standers watching. By doing this, you're both allowing yourselves to sink into being present together. The photos will feel more carefree, effortless, and natural and you'll be thankful for having those few extra moments of privacy on your big day before returning to the fun and excitement!




coral weddings hawaii wedding photography pacific dream photography

Don't forget that the most important part of making your wedding photography a great success is to have fun and enjoy yourselves! It's always great to have a few candid photos of you and your loved one on your big day.


Here at Coral by Pacific Dream Photography, we would love to capture your special day with the same enriched beauty that your perfect day will hold.  


- Written by Samantha