Stunning Beach Wedding on Kauai || Hawaii Wedding Photography


From the mountains of Montana, Brianna and Lorne’s friends and family set sail to the lush dreamscapes of Kauai. The vast crevasses of Kauai’s warm canyons surely cannot measure the amount of love shared between these newlyweds!

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Flourishing with an array of richly colored blossoms, Kauai complimented their vibrant, glistening love. The magic that filled their hearts was emulated with the vibrancy of Kauai’s splendor. On Kiahuna Beach, a charming seascape unfurled, brimming with the native, leafy Naupaka flowers and rustic black lava rocks. This became nature’s garnished backdrop for Brianna and Lorne to declare their love. Only a chosen few determine Kauai to be the haven of which they appoint their marriage to transpire making their special day memorable for a lifetime.


- Written by Paul B. at the Grand Hyatt Kauai