Beach Wedding Ideas for Maui || Hawaii Wedding Photography

A beach wedding in Maui is a dream come true and not just for the couple who’s getting married. The photographer is also happy to be here. Maui natural beauty is a source of inspiration, harmony, and amazing memories.

If you’re planning a wedding or a wedding photo session, here’s the best beach wedding ideas for Maui.

Wailea, the south shore of Maui

Wailea is a place full of grace and beauty. You’ll have diverse locations to arrange a wedding, from luxurious white beaches to fresh green landscapes. Wailea knows that every couple is different and willing to have its own experience.

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You can mix the Polynesian atmosphere with the Pacific Ocean’s beauty and with your own lifestyle. Romantic or explorer, here you’ll find deserted beaches, snorkeling expeditions, volcano trekking, golf challenges, and beachfront Polynesian luau. Andaz Maui Resort is the best place to start your Wailea adventure.

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Lahaina, the old capital of Maui

Lahaina is a place of history and rainbows. It was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom until 1845 and the XIXth century architecture is here to prove it. A wedding photo session in the historic district will definitely be an authentic experience.

Lahaina is also the place to be if you want to see a rainbow. It happens daily, at 5 o’clock, in the valleys near the town.

Kapalua and Kihei, looking for the perfect beach

A beach wedding requires a perfect beach background. Take some time to explore Maui and discover the white sand beaches of Kapalua Bay and the 6 miles of beaches of Kihei. The blue Pacific Ocean completes the scenery. These places are completely dedicated to relaxation, water sports, and enjoying life. What better place to start a new life together?

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The rich natural environment is a blessing for the photographer. You can plan a photo session at sunset to catch the amazing color dance over the Pacific Ocean. You can also narrate the couple’s journey by following them walking on the beach, documenting the wedding preparations, and taking emotional close-ups.

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Maui is an overwhelming experience. It’s a great place to celebrate love and to build the first memories as a married couple. It’s also a great place to grow as a photographer, to allow emotions fill the camera, and to learn to use the spectacular scenery in your favor. Beach wedding photography has never been so rewarding and challenging. In such a beautiful place everybody has to look good!