The Perfect Details of a Wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii is a great holiday destination but it’s also an amazing wedding location. The islands offer a wide range of possibilities, from luxurious and elegant venues to white sand beaches and lush tropical gardens. But location isn’t everything. At a wedding, perfection is in the smallest detail. Create the wedding of your dreams by embracing the outstanding landscape of Hawaii and adding the spirit of Aloha.

The ceremony

The place where you say your vows will always be special. Choose with your heart and let the ocean inspire you. It can be on the beach, at sunset, or in a traditional Hawaiian décor. You can be alone or surrounded by friends and family. The ceremony can be intimate and peaceful or fabulous, with flower petals everywhere, candles, and music.

coral weddings - the ceremony.jpg

The flowers

Hawaii has a tropical climate that allows luxuriant vegetation. The most iconic flowers of the islands are yellow Hibiscus (Hawaiian Hibiscus, the state flower), Plumeria, Bird of Paradise, Pikake (Hawaiian name for Jasmine), Naupaka, and orchids. You can create colorful table arrangements and wedding bouquets or choose a theme color and use it everywhere. Don’t forget about the traditional Hawaiian flower garland.

coral weddings - colorful flowers.jpg
coral weddings - white flowers.jpg

The party

Outdoor weddings are something that people expect in Hawaii. That’s no wonder considering the beachfront venues, tropical gardens, and warm weather. Nevertheless, you can choose an indoor party as well. Emerge into the local culture and include in your wedding moments of traditional music and dance, Hawaiian cuisine, and exotic fire shows.

coral weddings - Hawaiian dance.jpg

The wedding photo session

It’s hard to pick a place and a theme for a Hawaiian wedding photo session. Secluded beaches, amazing sunsets, and elegant resorts are competing to be the background of your love. The wedding photos have to show your personality and allow you to blossom. From now on, you two can face the world.

coral weddings - wedding photo session.jpg

If you decide to do your wedding in Hawaii, you probably already know and love the Hawaiian spirit, people’s hospitality, and tropical landscape. Remember that every single wedding detail is important, but more important are your love and life together. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment, flower, and sunray.