Hawaii’s Tropical Flowers: A Wedding like a Fairytale

The tropical climate of Hawaii is responsible for luxuriant vegetation and makes the islands perfect for hiking and trekking. It’s also responsible for a traditional cult of flowers that transforms them in jewelry, welcome gifts, and veneration objects. The first Aloha is always accompanied by a flower garland, to make you feel welcomed and loved.

Flowers are used in celebrations and weddings as a symbol of joy, purity, and love. For a wedding in Hawaii it may be overwhelming to choose the right flowers for bride’s bouquet, table arrangements, and vows ceremony. Hawaii’s tropical flowers are exotic, colorful, and exuberant. They come in so many shapes and color that can be really hard to choose your favorite. Here are some of the most iconic Hawaiian flowers.

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With a delightful scent, the delicate Plumeria can be white, pink, yellow, and red. It’s a decorative flower that can be worn as a hair accessory or mingled in a bouquet. If you choose an all-white decoration, mix Plumeria with orchids and roses in elegant and unforgettable bouquets or garlands.

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Bird of Paradise

Exotic, daring, and abstract, the Bird of Paradise is an extravagant orange flower with featherlike petals. It will stand out of any arrangement, like a golden sunset over the ocean. Mix the Bird of Paradise with flowers in strong colors and shapes for glamorous table arrangements.

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White and delicate, wearing a powerful scent, tuberose is perfect to make welcome flower garlands. It’s a soft and romantic flower, perfect for a beach wedding.

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Hawaii’s abundance in orchids makes them a favorite for wedding setups. You’ll find them in a wide range of colors, from purple to velvet white, and in many different shapes and sizes. Orchids resist very well and will look fresh during the entire event. They are the perfect décor for a sophisticated wedding in a tropical garden.

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The list of Hawaiian flowers is very long, starting with the impressive yellow Hibiscus (the state flower) and going to Pikake (local Jasmine), Ginger flower, the vibrant Heliconia, and the colorful Flamingo Lily. You’ll find flowers in any color and shape and experts ready to mix them into your dream wedding décor. Treat flowers with love and respect and they’ll transform your wedding in a fairytale.